Yoga and meditation - places for spirituality


Spirituality is within but of course there are certain places where you have tools to connect with yourself. For some a walk in the forest might be enough, for others their seeking wisdom in ancient traditions.

I started with yoga at the age of 17 and are now a certified yoga teacher. My road there has been a littlest tricky with mental illness and other issues. I’ve been practicing ashtanga yoga in India, started Vipassana in Malaysia and Myanmar, went to schools in Sri Lanka, did my teacher training in Rishikesh and have probably visited more then half of the schools in Bali.

I love these environment and I love connecting with similar people and learning about the traditions. Be conscious of your choice of school, really ask for references since there’s many schools who are not serious. Yoga has become an industry and be very critical before supporting any businesses.

I would also recommend to search for original schools our sources such as buddhist monasteries or Indian teachers with family traditions. They know the essence of the teaching and unfortunately in West we don’t really respect it and like to create our own versions of it.

To spend time finding the tools to reconnect with yourself and be present in now is an life-long investment and for me, it’s very high on my agenda on things that makes the world a better place.