Exploring Europe without flying

In Sweden ”shame of flying” is really a thing and the rest of the world might look at us and wonder why we talk so much about something that globally has so little impact? Who cares about how much the Swedes fly? Well, even though we are a small country our consumption carbon footprint is very high! About 10 tons CO2 per person and year.

The best thing one can do as an individual is to cut their flights. For a travel lover like me I have made it to some kind of sport to exchange as much of my flights as possible.

I travelled to Paris back and forth (from Sweden) with bus and train. I have traveled to Switzerland and back with train. I have traveled to Poland back and forth with ferry and train. Europe is actually pretty connected if you really look at it. All my travels in Scandinavia and Sweden is always done by train.

I love traveling by train and have become a little bit of an expert on how to book trips. So let me know if you need any help!