Sophie Gripenberg

Sophie Gripenberg

Why Sustainability?

Change and development are inevitable, regardless if we consider it good or not. I believe humans have the ability to change the course of events and be stewards for our own wellbeing, not only now but also in the long run. A conscious sustainable development seeks to safeguard a development which is beneficial for humans, so we can live in peace and harmony to experience true wellbeing for all.

I believe all of us can be change makers, as individuals, consumers, businessmen, politicians or leaders. We need scientific facts, tools for increased wellbeing and a sense of compassion to be able to act.

My role is to make sustainability fun, simple, inclusive and diverse. I believe sustainability goes hand in hand with a profitable and successful business or organisation.

Let’s collaborate and be creative!


What I do


Sustainability Coordinator at the Swedish Red Cross

With the ambition of doing humanitarian work that contributes to sustainable development. Find out more about the methods, campaigns, projects, results and reporting.


RESEARCHer on new economics

How to change the current economic system and find better ways to measure welfare? With a trans- disciplinary background from Stockholm Resilience Centre, I’m still seeking ways to #measurewhatmatters


Blogger About Sustainable Fashion

Founder of A Sustainable Closet to inspire, educate and provide fashion consumers with better tools to make better choices.


Moderator, writer and influencer

I use social media and other networks to inspire more people to be #changemakers. Would you like to book me for seminars on topics related to sustainability, do product-collaborations or organise events together?


Yoga teacher

I believe change starts with ourselves. I’ve been suffering from depression but managed to escape mental illness. I’m now working to help others live in peace and harmony.


What they say

“Trustworthy and inspiring. Incredible knowledgeable in different topics of sustainability and at the same time good at adapting the communication depending on the target group”
— Employee at Business and Partnership at the Swedish Red Cross