My Mission:

To increase consciousness and make sustainability simple, inclusive and diverse 


My Purpose

Everything is constantly changing and developing regardless if we consider it good or not. A sustainable development seeks to safeguard a development beneficial for humankind. A conscious development is the awareness of change based on the vision to create greater prosperity for all.

We live in a complex, inter-linked and nested world. Everything is integrated and our world leaders have chosen the Agenda 2030 and its global goals and the Paris Agreement to tackle some the most fundamental challenges we face.

I believe all of us can be a part of the solution as individuals, consumers, businessmen, politicians or leaders. But not all of us can study all the diverse topics and interlinkages. That is why we need each other to be able to act. My role is to make sustainability simple, inclusive and diverse since I believe being change makers for sustainability goes hand in and with a profitable and successful business or organisation.

Let us collaborate and be creative! 

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My impact through Sustainability work since 2011 



Projects and researches coordinated 

The projects have been within the civil society and with volunteers to create awareness of issues such as fair trade, integration and consumers impact. The research has been about issues related to international migration, agroforestry farming, the global goals and alternative measures of economics beyond GDP. 



Countries visited 

You cannot learn about the world without seeing it. Sustainability is a doing and I have hitchhiked many states in India, watched the palm trees in Indonesia and the wild elephants of Kenya to be able to grasp local challenges. 



Number of people reached 

People participated in seminars, projects, collaborations or regular followers of social media. 


What do I do? 

I aim to inspire, educate, create strategies and consult individuals, organisation and business in sustainable development. 


Mapping of the global goals towards your business

What goals do your business contribute to? In what ways are you impacting the other goals? Let’s take an holistic approach of the SDGs and make them doable and measurable. 


Policy making in sustainability

Do you feel stress or that your efforts for this planet and your fellow human beings are not enough? Efforts for sustainability is better done from a source of gratitude and creativeness and sometimes we might need tool such as yoga and meditation. As a certified qualified hatha yoga teacher I can integrate sustainability consulting with wellbeing. 


Reporting according to GRI

Global Reporting Initiative is the world leading standard sustainability reporting. It shows an organisation or business its values, strategies and commitments. It enables transparency in performance and impacts. Together we will create a baseline for the stories you want to tell and the indicators for measuring those achievements. 

Action plans in sustainability

Do you want to achieve something worth reporting or celebrating but have no idea where to start? Businesses and individuals a like let us start by identifying your strength and weakness of change and impact. First sessions are for free. 


Educational material

Do you want to increase awareness for your employees or costumers? Are you seeking content for communication material or an e-course? Let us elaborate the best topics for you and pedagogics for your target group. 



Seminars and workshops

Do you want to have a panel discussion about businesses roles for the global goals? The role of mental wellbeing in sustainability? How me measure prosperity and move beyond GDP? Send me a proposal and I can contribute as moderator, panel discussant or lecturer. 


Trustworthy and inspiring.
Incredible knowledgeable in different topics of sustainability and at the same time good at adapting the communication depending on the target group
— Employee at Business and Partnership at the Swedish Red Cross

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