Here's an overview of my research

How to measure social-ecological prosperity?

An article in collaborations with the professors and experts (Maria Schultz, Thomas Hahn, Sarah Cornell among others), about how to measure prosperity from a social-ecological perspective. Not yet published.

Mapping measures of welfare

My master thesis compared different ways to measure welfare with the global goals from an socio-ecological perspective. I compared indicators and did an analysis on to what extent they’re capturing an holistic point of view where prosperity happens within ecological frameworks. The illustration above are from my thesis where green represents global goals they match to. The bottom layer represents ecological global goals, the middle social global goals and the top economic global goals.

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Field work socio-economic results of agroforestry farming

Field work in Kitale in Kenya 2013, about the possibility of agroforestry farming as a method for empowerment of small scale farmers. I interviewed more then 80 people involved during different decades in the programs of ViAgroforestry (ViSkogen. I used the theoretical framework of Friedmanns Disempowerment model to see how they had improve their social and economic assets.

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Field work economic reasons for oversea migration

Field work in Java 2014, about overseas migration interviewing small scale farmers about the economic reasons for migrating. Based on new economic theories for migration I analysed the local market, the opportunities and lack of opportunities the farmer’s had to improve their lives and what role remittances played for the household.

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