9 months in South east asia without flying

After two months of field work in central Java of Indonesia I stayed for another three months in Indonesia witnessing the deforestation of rainforest in Sumatra among other things. I went to Malaysia by ferry and traveled by hitchhiking to Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. 

It’s absolutely possible to travel for a long time without flying, every flight you skip counts! Even if you went there by flying, still be conscious about how you move around within a country or how crossing borders. My 9 months in South-east Asia was also a great opportunity to connect with local people. I used couch surfing a lot. I had a simple life on a small budget and most of my days I read and just embrace the pure essence of existence.

The happiest year of my life so far.

Visiting world wonders


I will never forget when sitting in a local minibuss in Peru, taking me to the closest town to one of the world’s wonders. The locals in the buss was singing to Abba without knowing the lyrics and I listened to their talk in Spanish without understanding. The sight of the city among the clouds was one of my first wanders: Machu Picchu!

Since then I have visited:

  • City of Pedra

  • Great Wall of China

  • Colosseum

  • Taj Mahal

  • Christ the Redeemer

Only Great Pyramids of Giza and Chichen Itzá left!