Diving shows the state of our planet

My first scuba diving took place at the Great Barrier Reef after two months backpacking along the gold coast in Australia and one month camping in New Zealand. The differences in the countries climate and environmental ambition was evident already at this time. I was very amazed by coming so close to the life under the sea. To watch the fish mothers helping their fish babies planted a sea of compassion in me towards marine life.

Since then I have become an advanced diver and been diving at places such as:

  • Thailand, outside Koh Lanta, Ko Mak and Ko Kud

  • Philippines, Cebu, Siquijor and outside Negros Island

  • Egypt, Dahab

  • Sri Lanka, outside Marissa

  • Malaysia, Pulau Perhentian

  • Indonesia, Bali Amed and Palau We

Our corals are in danger and it’s important to chose an ethical diving company and never ever touch anything! I find it important to connect with by diving since it was that experience that made me vegan.