Morocco leading the climate transition

Marrakech was such a wonderful surprise. Very friendly people and amazing culture. After a few days in the town we rented a car and went to the coastal line. The mass tourism is not there yet and there’s several beaches where you have to share it with the locals - as it should be as long as we are few.

Did you also know that Morocco is the only country that’s on the track according to Paris Agreement? This is according to Climate Change performance Index - they have installed one of the largest solar farms in the world - read more here!

Field work - Agroforestry farming in Kenya

My bachelor thesis was based on a research about Agroforestry farming and empowerment of farmers. I wanted to se if an environmental project could improve farmers socio-economic situation which seemed to be the case for most people outside Kitale in Kenya. I spent two month in Kenya and got very familiar with its people and the culture.

I fell in love with the continent and would love to go back one day. Many challenges are facing Kenya but there’s also reasons to be optimistic.

Ethical safari in Kenya


After finishing my fieldwork about agroforestry farming in Kitale, Kenya I decided to witness the savannah by myself. Thanks to a local person I had the opportunity to arrive at the gate of Masai Mara without the help of any tourist agency. Further, I camped legally at the site and went with a photographer in his rented car. We escaped the crowd and kept a safe and humble distans to the big five.  

If we want to conserve wildlife eco-tourism is a great conservation method. To keep it “eco” however it a complicated thing because as long as tourists complain and expect to get close to the animals the more likely are the guides to break rules and get to close to the animals.

We actually decided to leave a site when there were to many people around a lion. It didn’t feel right. But if tourism can contribute to jobs and are willing to pay to see the animals, the more economic incentives are there to conserve the ecosystems.

I was lucky to see all the big five and it was most of the time just three people in the car peacefully observing one of the most beautiful things I ever seen. I hope we keep on protecting these animals.