Poem about love

From the fairytales we’re told that true love gives you shining gold and toys. 

That boys pull your hair as a sign that you’re chosen to give them their heir. 

At school and with friends we’re taught that good girls stay in her own bed, hence those sexual nights will just results in fights. 

Fights based on drama and passion but still, no one mentioned the word compassion. 

You reach 21, fall in love and think you met the one. 

Since those first kisses comes with so many wishes, you didn’t knew that true love is never stagnant and every day always comes with a new view. 

You haven’t understood it’s not about number of weekends abroad, multiple orgasm or a fancy house made of wood. 

Maybe a cat, a dog or a baby can bring you back to each other but before you knew it one of you have met another.

Someone else suddenly gives you what you thought were missing, crazy nights, poetic words and again lot of kissing. 

But strong fires sooner or later will burn, and suddenly you’re reaching 30 and asking yourself; when is it my turn? 

You keep on searching for the right one without knowing no one is never right and love is never related to one. 

The happy ending is only in the fairytale, in real life you have to set up your own sail. 

Because if you don’t know your direction, see passengers as temporary opportunities for affection, you’ll miss the horizon with the eternal sun, always shining and telling you just have fun. 

The ship might sink, written words from a pen writing, turning out of ink, so enjoy that kiss, and yes, still make that wish. 

But instead of closing your eyes, look into the others, and if you look closely you’ll see the sky. 

In heaven we’re all one and therefore it’s always right. Just trust and smile my dear, you’ll be alright.